15 of the Coolest Stores You’ve Ever Seen

Here you have a mega selection done by storefront  of the coolest retail stores, worth to have a look


When it comes to being the hot new retail spot, you have got to be cool. (It’s in the rules, ask anybody.)

That means regardless of what type of retail store you are running, be it a pop-up shop, trunk show, retail event, or traditional brick-and-mortar store, you’ll benefit immensely by instilling your own unique element of cool into your décor.

To help you know what we mean by “cool” below we offer up fifteen of the world’s coolest retail establishments for your edification.

15. Farmacia Lordelo. Located in: Vila Real, Portugal

From its eccentric exterior to its overly sleek inner setup, this trendy pharmacy is the work of designer Jose Carlos Cruz. This super-modern storefront was rebuilt to be the clear stand out in its area and it worked.

14. Dover Street Market. Located in: London, UK

Located in Mayfair, this five-story hipster retail storefront has a design that is described as “prearranged mayhem” in a “cohesive environment.” It turns out that the gang over at Dover Street knows what it takes to attract not only the skaters and sneaker lovers, but also the fashion obsessed as well.

13. Selling Wine, The Wine Retailer. Located in: Roosendaal, Netherlands

Designed by the Amsterdam-based company Storeage, this retail hotspot is located right inside the Het Verbogen Rijk bookstore. Created to be a shop within a shop, the designer was purposeful in ensuring that each bottle be displayed so that to eliminate handling the bottles.

12. ranKing ranQueen. Located in: Tokyo, Japan

For the lovers of all things gadgets, this is your utopia. A collection of the hottest technology and latest gadgets, if you are in Japan and a fan of devices, contraptions, and apparatuses then look no further. You’ve found it!

11. B&B Italia. Located in: Tokyo, Japan

Modern Japanese architecture at its finest encompasses this striking three-story showcase of some of the world’s most awe-inspiring furniture designs.

 10. Fox & Obel. Located in: Chicago, Illinois

If you can’t make it “down under” for you culinary escapades then Chicago’s Fox & Obel will surely satisfy your needs. Under this one roof yopu will find some of the world’s finest meat and fish, vegetables, wine, and desserts.

9. Pave. Located in: Barcelona, Spain

When you think of a bike shop, you don’t normally immediately conjure up such a sleek industrial space like the one you get at Pave. Described as a “cathedral-like shrine” to all things bicycle, if this shop isn’t cool then nothing is.

8. Hamleys. Located in: London, UK

While there are several Hamleys encompassing the world, none of them compare to this seven floor masterpiece located in London. From the costumed staff members to the encouraged hands-on approach to product testing, this place is level after level of cool.

7. Nike. Located in: Harajuku, Japan

Three stories and 10,000 square feet of retail space make this ultra-hip Japanese Nike emporium one-of-a-kind. With a décor that is truly Nike, this location also claims the title of the largest NikeID studio in the country.

6. The HITGallery. Located in: Hong Kong

This too cool, retro store located in Hong Kong’s Time Square has minimalist lovers grinning from ear-to-ear. This clean retail concept is the brain child of Milan-based designer, Fabio Novembre and is the multi-brand store for the Italian-based fashion house, Ittierre S.p.A.

5. Brown Thomas. Located in: Dublin, Ireland

Considered a landmark in the center of the preeminent shopping district, Brown Thomas in Dublin is home to a vast array of designer must-haves.

4. The Essential Ingredient. Located in: Sydney, Australia

When this epicurean mega-boutique relocated to its current location it really added to its existing repertoire. Still offering the freshest produce, first-class cookware and ultimate collection of cookbooks that made it so popular with the culinary crowd, but also now offers a cooking school and an espresso bar as well.

3. Kirk Originals. Located in: London, England

This British eyewear design company has made a name for themselves by offering up some of the coolest and craziest eyewear around. So when it came to open their flagship store, of course they went with creating a modern magnum opus.

2. FAO Schwarz. Located in: New York City, New York

World renown for their keen ability to capture all things child-like under one roof, FAO Schwarz offers up an outrageous candy shop, doll adoption center, and some of the most unique gift and hobby collections ever assembled.

1. Apple. Located in: New York City, New York

Walking into the mecca of geekdom that is the New York Apple store, you are immediately overtaken by the clear cube décor and levitating Apple logo. Not only is this store jam-packed with all the iGadget’s you’d ever want, it’s a certifiable madhouse for shoppers and geniuses alike.



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