The Four E’s and your Digital Content Strategy

When you think about building a digital experience, a simple roadmap to follow is the four E’s – Engage, Educate, Entertain, and Evangelize. The four E’s will help guide your digital content strategy to ensure relevance, retention, resonance, plus help you avoid many of the natural pitfalls.   

Engage – Build engagement at every turn. Be interactive. Be two-way. Be participatory. Let people know what’s going on and add to their calendars digitally.   

Educate – Information is power and digital is your gateway to “of-the-moment” knowledge and education. People crave knowledge – so give it to them.   

Entertain – Digital media has the power to dazzle, entertain and showcase. Use it to its full capacity and not as a PowerPoint delivery system.   

Evangelize – Give people great things to share and then they will share them out to theiraudiences. The goal today is not to just talk to your audience but to talk through them – when Psy & Gangnam Style can reach close to a billion people it gives us all hope…..   



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