Mobile and Retail

Mobile isn’t just about ‘on-the-go’ convenience when it comes to shopping – which opens up some interesting possibilities for retailers to reach people in new, and perhaps more engaging, ways.

Makes Us Smarter, Faster, Better at Shopping—and Life. Not surprisingly, saving time and money are key drivers of mobile shopping, but motivations do vary. For example, women tend to appreciate aspects of mobile that lead to more “productive” shopping; they are shopping significantly more likely than men to go mobile because it eliminates waiting in line and because it’s something they can do while multi-tasking. On the other hand, men are attracted to mobile because it streamlines by offering better-curated options—which means fewer items to sift through.

In-Store Retail Should Tech Up. Shoppers are craving more from their in-store shopping experiences; they see possibilities to infuse physical stores with mobile and other connected technologies—to offer product information, mitigate frustrations (e.g., waiting in the check-out line), personalize the experience, and so on. Seventy-nine percent of participants are interested in having digital content (e.g., demo videos, product recommendations, information about a product’s origin, etc.) delivered to their mobile phones while shopping in a store.
Mobile Transactions are Gaining Traction. Not surprisingly, younger generations are leading the charge when it comes to transacting from their mobile devices. Smartphones are selected more often than laptops as a favorite purchasing platform by 20-29 year-olds.

So its not about yes or not , its about when , the technology is there and as soon as retailers are more aware of it they will fulfill faster future customers expectations




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