Tips to meassure the ROI in comercial fair


Let’s get this easy one of out of the way.

Don’t mess around with collecting business cards

Renting a lead retrieval machine that loads your lead data on a flash drive is money well spent

MARKETER’S TIP: Break these leads down into A, B, and C categories for better insight into the show’s quality

Cost Per Lead:

Take the total cost of your exhibit investment and divide it by the total amount of leads collected

Compare this to other marketing efforts to see how your show stacks up

TIP: If you exhibit at multiple shows, this metric also shines light on the comparative effectiveness of each show


If you’re launching a new product, consider giving one-on-one or group demonstrations

Count how many presentation you give and how many audience members listen or interact

If you’re doing multiple presentations each hour, you’re having a great show

TIP: Find out from the VP of Sales an average cost of a trip for a sales person to give a demo at a prospect’s office. Compare that with the show’s average cost per demo, and suddenly trade shows look like a bargain!

Web Site Traffic:

Know the average visitors to your website before the show, and compare that to the visitors during and immediately after

Pay special attention to the pages for the products and offers you featured at the show

TIP: Don’t forget that trade shows are about face-to-face interactions. Generating web traffic is a great metric, but for most exhibitors it shouldn’t be the main goal

Social media: Twitter – retweet

Press Mentions:

Clipping and mentions

TIP: With the abundance of trade magazines, writers, and bloggers at every show, if you’re not getting mentioned something is wrong; try setting up interviews and press walk – throughs well before the show

Post Show Appointments:

One of the hardest challenges faced by every salesperson is securing a face to face appointment

Leasing team measure every show lead that generates a follow up appointment

TIP: Shows facilitate setting post-show meetings. Think creatively about a space in your booth dedicated solely to this endeavor



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