must have for a good logo

A Great Logo Must Follow Basic Design Principles
This may be the most obvious necessity for great logos.
The logo must be soundly designed and look good. The aesthetic appeal of a logo, or any piece of art or design for that matter, is subjective and relative to a person’s mood when they view the logo. However, there are fundamentals of design that must be followed to ensure that a logo will appeal to anyone.

The fundamentals include, but are not limited to space, color, form, consistency, and clarity. It is recommended that a design professional have some influence on your logo, whether it be redesign or touching up, to ensure basic design principles are followed.
The logo starts as a simple design idea based on a clear brief about the spirit of your brand , values , mission. The logo has to represent what is behind of it.

A Great Logo Must Be Functional
Logos are the most important marketing pieces for a company because it must represent that company in many different contexts and still get the message across. A logo may be seen on the web, or on a variety of promotional products such as a brochure, a t-shirt, or on glassware. It could be used on dark backgrounds, on light backgrounds, on textured surfaces, or could be used in various sizes like on an awning or on a postcard. A major indication of a poorly designed logo is graphic effects that can be added in Photoshop like 3D embossing, shadows, glares, or photo imagery. It’s important to know that simplicity does not mean that the logo is missing anything. In fact, to aid in functionality, the logo must be simple.
A great logo must have the ability to be printed or used in all of the contexts mentioned above and still represent the company effectively. A few things that are important when talking about functionality are the simplicity, scalability, color, and depth. It’s important to the functionality of a logo that it’s not too intricate and that it doesn’t incorporate things like gradients or shadows as integral parts of the design. When the logo is reduced in size or placed on a loud background, it should retain its integrity. In addition, the logo should allow for two color presentation, such as black on white, as it would be on a t-shirt.

A Great Logo Must Represent the Company
A logo needs to represent the company it serves. This means that the style must be easily identified with the industry/product/service and must give a clear picture of what is being marketed. If a company is selling auto parts, a delicate script font would not capture the essence of the company. A suitable font would be bold. A logo sets the tone for the company. This applies to single-serving logos or to the main logo of a family that eventually can be decline in different family lines.

A great logo must encompass the entire company too, not just one aspect of it.
A Great Logo Must Be Unique
Another important trait of good logos is the ability to stand out against the crowd.
Copycat logos are destined to fail or be confusing to the consumer.
A unique logo will also tend to be one that stands the test of time and easy to be evolved in the future time.



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